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Pacific Madrone is primarily found in northern California and southern Oregon, and is divided about equally between two types of sites. One is among conifers in highly productive timberlands. The other is in the harsher environment of woodlands, mixed with other hardwood species on sites that cannot support conifers.

Pacific Madrone is among the largest of the hardwood species, and is able to thrive in denser stands than others because of its ability to more readily lean, bend, crook and fork toward light. Total growing stock volume of Pacific Madrone is over 1.5 billion cubic feet, and 35% of that is sawtimber size, 17" to 48" dbh.

Known as one of the more exotic of the western hardwoods, Pacific Madrone is distinguished by a very consistent salmon color, beautiful knot patterns and a smooth grain. Prized for exotic flooring, furniture, cabinetry and picture frames, it is also used for secondary manufacturing products like paneling, veneer and heavy duty wood casters and rollers.

Pacific Madrone is a hard, heavy and strong wood, and is one of the best machining of all hardwoods. If care is taken, it may be stained, but to retain the wood's naturally exotic figure and color, clear finishes are usually desired.

Random length is generally limited to 10' and width to 10" and is milled to 4/4 thickness. Available in S2S, and custom millwork in S4S, T&G, cut stock and dimension stock. Grading is at "Mill Run" Common and Better standards.