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Tanoak, although not a true Oak, is a member of the same botanical family and shares the same physical properties. In the northwest, Tanoak grows among Douglas Fir in the West Coast Range and Cascade Mountains; in the southwest it is found among Coast Range Redwoods and Sierra Nevada Douglas Fir.

Sawtimber measures from 17" to 48" dbh, and accounts for 43% of growing stock volume of nearly two billion cubic feet.

With sapwood that ages to a golden, reddish brown to almost identically match the heartwood, Tanoak has a straight grain like tropical hardwoods with occasional oak undertones. Its hardness and resistance to abrasion is ideal for flooring and structural work, and its machinability is beginning to be recognized by furniture manufacturers.

Tanoak is very dense, hard and strong. It has excellent workability characteristics, although it is slightly more brittle than true Oaks. Both machining and nail and screw holding ability are superior.

Random length is generally limited to 10' and width to 10" and is milled to mostly 4/4 thickness. Available in S2S, and custom millwork including flooring, moulding, cut stock and dimension stock. Graded by western hardwood rules published in the NHLA grade rule book. Priced 10 to 15% below true Oak.